golf shoesEquipment Review Justin Golf leather shoes

golf shoesEquipment Review Justin Golf leather shoesPro golfer JJ Henry explained why hes stoked to wear these kicks on the tour.

Find out when and how to watch the Ryder Cup live all week long

Heres everything you need to know about the Ryder Cup in Paris this weekend

The first session on Saturday in Paris includes some tasty matchups as we get going at Le Golf…

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Theres a legitimate passion there and you can tell by their wellcrafted golf shoes.

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Still, in terms of a comforttolooks ratio, I would imagine you wont find anything in this shoes class. They have the aesthetic of a quality highend dress shoe but wear like a heavier version of what the bigtime companies are going for in comfort.

There are still matches left to be played at Le Golf National this week

Like I said earlier, they run at the high end at . You can purchase the ones abovehere.

Justin boasts its own unique blend in a golf shoe. One that I concur with.

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I tried out the white leather version see above but they offera variety of leathers and sranging from to ..

Find out when and how to watch the Ryder Cup live all week long

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Their shoes offer the perfect blend of classic styling that honors golf traditions while incorporating comfort technology. Each pair is carefully handcrafted to address the sility, traction and comfort demands of todays golfer.

I am excited to welcome a timehonored brand with a history of great footwear to the golf industry. The handcrafted Justin Golf shoe combines the best of comfort without compromising a classic look. I am proud to be associated with the longstanding tradition of the Justin brand.

Lets be straight for a second. The Justin Golf line of shoes is not for everyone. Theyre pricey but theyre also incredibly classy and comforle. If you have the coin, theyre terrific, but not everybody has the coin.

Justin boots have been around since the late s and Justin has a history in golf footwear dating back to the early s.

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